Here at H-P, one of our most important goals is to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

From design to delivery, it all starts with our onboarding process. We go a step above and beyond to build a relationship where we both benefit in the long run.

We first identify your goals and learn what is most important to you. Whether that is lead time, inventory control, communication, quality, or all of the above. We don't compromise on one for another.

We inform and educate you about our capabilities. We'll have our experienced engineers work with your team to learn about your company through on-site or virtual meetings and create the best solutions for your needs. And you'll have a clear line of communication with our engineers for technical questions and concerns.

Most importantly, we keep things as transparent and honest as possible to gain your trust, because, without trust, a relationship means nothing.

We want to learn with you, grow with you, and celebrate your successes with you.