Specializing in Quality Tube Bending Services

We provide tube and pipe bends, elbows, couplings, fittings, and more. From ready-to-ship items to custom-engineered solutions and contract manufacturing tailored to your exact project specifications. Either way, you’ll get precisely the tube or pipe bends needed to help your own products or systems perform at peak efficiency. Ready to start your next project or have questions on how we can create a solution for you? Contact us and get answers from a team of experts who care about your success. 

Industries Served
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Markets Served:

Exhaust Systems For Farm Equipment And Tubing for Grain Systems


Air intake & filtration tubing • Exhaust tubes • Radiator and turbo-charger coolers (CAC) runs • Cab & Chassis stiffening rails • Irrigation and Grain Handling piping

Exhaust Systems For Construction Equipment And Engine Tubing

Construction Equipment

Exhaust components • Coolant tubes • Air intake tubes • Structural tubing

Custom Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Systems And Engine Piping

Emergency Vehicles

Air intake tubes • Charged Air Coolers runs • Exhaust tubes • Radiator & Coolant tubes • Fuel fill lines • Oil filler lines • Structural Tubing • Water Pump piping • Diffuser Tips

Military Vehicle Engine And Exhaust Tubing

Military Vehicles

Air intake, exhaust, radiator, and structural tubing/pipe • Thermal insulation • Chemical agent resistance (CARC) • Corrosion resistance

Aftermarket Automotive Performance Exhaust Systems

Performance Exhaust

Downpipes • Up-pipes • mid-pipes • headers

Public And Private Transportation Engine Tubes and Exhaust


Air intakes • Exhaust tubes • Charged air coolers (CAC) • Fuel fill lines • Radiator & coolant tubes

Industrial Vacuum Systems And Components

Industrial Vacuum

Tubing • Fittings • Long radius bends • Couplings • Elbows • Reducers

Custom Solutions for Carrier Pneumatic Systems, Mining Equipment, Marine Exhaust, and Trucking

And More

Additional markets include; pneumatic conveying, mining, marine engines, tanker trucks, and more!