H-P provides High-Performance Quality Processes through:

  • ISO 9001:2015 With Design certification
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Process for All Custom Tube Bends

  • Production Part Approval Processes (PPAP)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • 5 Why’s
  • Material Certifications
  • Tube and Pipe Cleanliness Requirements
  • FMEA’s
  • Process control plans including Level 1-4 PPAP

H-P Products Quality Policy:  At H-P Products Inc. we are committed to our customers, to satisfy all applicable requirements, and to continually search for process and system improvements in support of our business objectives, strategic goals, and our Quality Management System.

Our comprehensive approach to quality has led us to develop our own 14 H-P Quality Processes to ensure the consistency of our products, service, packaging, delivery, and environmental compliance. Each of these processes is driven by a process owner with measurable goals and standards

1. Design
These processes assure we are design capable and reliably design products that meet precise customer needs.

2. Manufacturing
Procedures designed to make sure our products reliably meet specifications and are ready to ship on time.

3. Customer Satisfaction and Problem Resolution
Focused on making sure we meet customer expectations for delivery, quality, packaging, and service.

4. Employee Safety and Development
Workforce turnover affects efficiency. Therefore, finding good employees, keeping them, and making sure they go home safe every day is critical to successfully meeting customer expectations.

5. Environmental Management Systems
A company you can depend on also protects employees and the community we call home.

6. Inspection and Measurement
Capturing data is only one part of the equation. We also maintain procedures to give customers confidence in the precision of our measurements.

7. Logistics and Inventory Management
Tightly managing costs keeps pricing competitive. On-time delivery of complete orders in good condition keeps customers happy.

8. Management Direction and Leadership
Consistency for our customers starts with consistency in our management.

9. Preventive Action and Continual Improvement
Everyone makes mistakes. Good suppliers don’t make the same mistake twice.

10. Procurement
As a complex manufacturer with many suppliers and a wide variety of raw materials, we need to manage a sophisticated supply chain to ensure we ship top-quality products on time.

11. Product ID and Containment
Lost or mislabeled parts can play havoc with production and shipping schedules as well as inventory control.

12. Product Realization
Customers don’t like waiting longer than necessary for quotes, prototypes, or orders.

13. Document Control and Records
The difference between a proper procedure and good intentions is documentation. This is an important part of our assurance to customers to do things right. This process manages all documents for the entire organization