Loose particles and trace lubricants can do a lot of damage.  They can cause catastrophic failure in motors, fans and premature wear to tube interiors. Our in-house, High-Performance Cleanliness Procedures protect our customer's products and processes.

Many customers, especially those involved in motor applications, set specifications for the cleanliness of their tube bends.  By adding sophisticated new cleaning equipment to our shop floor, we efficiently meet the strictest cleanliness specifications while maintaining our reputation for on-time deliveries.  There’s no need to send parts out for cleaning or wait for testing verifications from external labs.

Our High-Performance tube and bend cleaning system have three basic components designed to ensure our ability to meet any customer cleanliness specification.  Each of these cleaning capabilities will cleanse both loose particles and lubricants used in the manufacturing process.

  1. Wash and Rinse Tanks: These large tanks remove oils, greases, and loose particles.
  2. Rotating Nozzles:  By spraying tube interior surfaces with high-pressure water, we remove all particles that shouldn’t be there and most oils.
  3. Swab Area:  Rags are pulled through tubes and bends to clean out any large particles.  This process also removes some oils and greases but is most effective at removing loose particles.

We can use any, or all, of these three cleaning processes to meet any customer specification.  Our testing lab is also fully equipped to measure the cleanliness of every part and supply the necessary verification documentation.