How can I reduce my lead time?

Our Sales and Engineering teams can help you find a solution using our H-P stock materials and H-P standard bends without compromising quality or performance when lead time is your top priority!

Why is it more expensive to produce a smaller quantity of custom bends?

The thing that makes smaller quantity custom bends more costly is that it is very time and labor-intensive to setup up a bending machine for different configurations. Each time we start a new order or make a change in the diameter, wall, or radius of a tube or pipe bend, a new set-up is needed. Larger quantities allow the labor cost associated with our set-ups to be diminished over more bends, in turn, reducing the individual piece cost.

I want to reduce costs. What are my options?
  • Opt for a more common diameter, wall thicknesses, and grade of material
    • Our engineering team can help recommend the best options!
  • A custom bend solution may be overkill for your needs. Our catalog offerings provide an alternative solution for quick delivery and ease of installation in most applications.
Are any discounts offered if I buy a certain quantity?

Yes, by placing a blanket purchase order! Blanket purchase orders allow us to give you volume discounts. 

What inventory solutions do you offer?

JIT Delivery and our warehousing capabilities allow for a streamlined supply chain management solution, so you don't have to worry about storing and organizing your parts.

I need a variation on a catalog part. Is it doable?

Absolutely! We have the capability to create variations of tube bends within our catalog selection to accommodate your project and needs.

I want to minimize the number of SKUs I need to keep track of. How can you help?

Our Kitting Program! We combine multiple SKUs into a single SKU, simplifying your inventories while making parts easier to pick and assemble. 

Working closely with you, we can package parts in any way required:

  • Disposable packaging
  • Returnable, reusable dunnage
  • Custom-made packaging
  • Sequentially ordered packaging to simplify assembly
What are your standard materials?

Below are our standard, but we can get almost
any material if requested.

  • Stainless Steel:
    • A554 MT304, A269 304/304L, A249/269
      Polished OD, A554 MT316L, A554 MT439, A554
  • Aluminized Stainless:
    • ASTM A554 MT409 A463 COATING
  • Carbon Steel:
    • A513 1006/1008, A787 1006/1008, ASTM
      1006/1008 A463
  • Aluminized Carbon:
    • A787
  • Aluminum:
    • B221/241 6061/6063 T4
    • Extensive list stocked
What is the difference between tube and pipe?

Oftentimes, people use the words "tube" and "pipe" interchangeably. Simply put, pipe is designed and better suited for higher pressure applications, and the tube is designed and better suited for flow applications. 

When it comes to the measurement of pipe, it is measured by the inside diameter (I.D.). On other hand, tube is measured by the outside diameter (O.D.)