The strength required in structural applications often finds us bending anything from solid bar to rectangular tubing.  Secondary applications like welding and laser cutting are also frequently used in fabricating these parts.



The sky’s the limit when producing custom-engineered structural parts.  We have produced running boards, rock sliders, hangers, bumper and mudflap holders, grab handles and more.  The most common material is carbon steel, but we have produced parts using aluminum and stainless steel as well.

Welding requirements in structural applications are often complex, requiring intricate TIG welds.  There are also many applications where multiple-part orders benefit from H-P’s Kitting ability.

Key High-Performance Capabilities:  Compound bending, welding, laser-cutting, end forming, kitting

Key Markets for H-P Structural Parts:

  • Any type of off or on-road vehicle
  • Anything with a diesel engine
  • Generators and stationary power sources
  • Cranes and aerial lifts
  • RVs