Transform Your Manufacturing Needs with H-P’s Expertise

When precision and high-volume manufacturing are crucial for your business, H-P is your trusted partner. Our expertise in tube bending and tube fabrication for multi-bend, multi-plane fabrications with custom end-forming operations ensures your project’s success.

Our core competency is our tube bending technology, where capabilities range from 5/8” OD through 8⅝” OD tubing utilizing CNC Rotary Draw bending, and through 10” OD using NC Rotary Draw bending. Additional capabilities include laser tube cutting, welding, end forming, prototyping, and reverse engineering. As a contract manufacturer, we specialize in high-volume production with unmatched expertise in large-diameter tube bending and end forming for various applications.

H-P has the resources to assist you in introducing new products to market quickly and successfully. We're able to do this with the help of our in-house machine shop which can help make the proper tooling and fixtures needed for the project.

From first contact, to production, through delivery, our team learns your requirements and strives to work as your partner for an unmatched experience.

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