Laser Tube Cutting

Our newest capability to better serve our customers is laser tube cutting. With our BLM Group LT8.20 4 kW 3D Tube Laser we're able to help you unlock manufacturing capabilities like never before! Bringing powerful and precise cutting to designs and parts with fast turn-around times. 

BLM Group LT8.20 Tube Laser

What's Possible:

  • Streamlined Tube Fabrication

    Our tube laser allows us to cut tubes to length and add holes and cuts in a single step. This drastically eliminates the number of secondary operations, reducing your production costs. 

  • Precision Perfected

    Our tube laser eliminates potential human errors involving cutting processes that are intricate and require unmatched consistency with the 4 kW Fiber Laser System and 45° active tilt cutting head.

  • Optimized Output

    Automatic bundle loading reduces downtime and makes medium and large quantity orders a breeze and highly efficient, helping us get your parts quicker to you to improve throughput.

  • Profiles

    • Round tube & pipe: 0.5” diameter to 8 5/8” diameter 
    • Rectangle tube: 0.5” min. x 8.0” max. 
    • Square tube: 0.5” min. to 8.0” max.
  • Material

    • Stainless Steel: Up to 0.312” thickness 
    • Carbon Steel: Up to 0.50” thickness 
    • Aluminum: Up to 0.312” thickness 

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