H-P High-Performance welding assures parts with leak-free, high-strength welds.  Our welders undergo rigorous training to ensure the highest quality welds with consistent craftsmanship.

WeldingOur welding processes include:

  • MIG
  • TIG
  • Brazing
  • Spot

This gives us the versatility to make small, intricate welds, as well as simpler straight welds.

At H-P, our weld procedures are certified to the standards of the American Welding Association (AWS). We have a certified weld inspector on staff to ensure all standards are met.

While each procedure is designed upfront to eliminate weld spatter, any that remains is removed at the end of every job to ensure cleanliness and strength. Onsite machines are used to test tensile strength.  We can also perform macro-edge tests to qualify the procedures we are using and supply further verifications when required.