Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy with State-of-the-Art CNC Bending

H-P Products is the leader in tube and pipe bending with the capabilities to manufacture:

  • CNC Bends up to 8⅝” OD
  • NC Bends up to 10” OD
  • Bends in round, oval, square, and rectangular materials
  • Infinite radius bending

Tooling to do the following 1D bends:

  • 8 on 8
  • 6 on 6
  • 5 on 5
  • 4.5 on 4.5
  • 4 on 4
  • 3.5 on 3.5
  • 3 on 3
  • 2 3/4 on 2 3/4
  • 2.5 on 2.5
  • 2 on 2

Custom Engineered Tube Bends to customer specifications for virtually any application

There are over 1900 bend sets inventoried in our shop, so we can solve a lot of bending problems.  Our custom engineering capabilities expands the possibilities even further.

The craftsmanship of our experienced benders really makes H-P a High-Performance operation.  These artisans can maintain bend quality even when there is a normal thickness variation between the same spec materials.  Combined with our industry-leading investments in tooling and machinery, our craftsmen can solve virtually any tube or pipe bending problem, even tightly spaced compound bends.

Our specialization in mandrel bending means we can supply better quality bends without wrinkling the inner wall.  The ability to make tightly spaced compound bends often means we can eliminate welds customers may have thought necessary.