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Turbine FAQ

Do you need electricity to run the TurboCat or TurboCat Zoom?
No, the TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom run off the airflow of your central vacuum system. No electrical cords or electricity are required, which equals a less costly central vac installation for you.

Do either the TurboCat or TurboCat Zoom have a height adjustment?
Both the TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom feature automatic height adjustment for any style or carpet.

What is the warranty on the TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom?
The TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom both feature a 3 Year Warranty.

Does the TurboCat or TurboCat Zoom clean into corners?
Yes. Both the TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom have low profiles and double edge cleaning capabilities to clean into the tightest spots. For smaller areas (like stairs), use the RugRat handheld turbine powerbrush.

Where can I find operating instructions for H-P's turbine powerheads?
Download the TurboCat/RugRat Manual Here.
Download the TurboCat Zoom Manual Here

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