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Engineering Capabilities

Compound bending, flex tubing, MIG welding
Compound bending, flex tubing, MIG welding

H-P specializes in Value-Added Engineering - working with your team to reduce and or eliminate tooling charges. H-P Products works with your design engineers to make your part for efficient manufacturability and often revise your design for cost reduction opportunities.

Our engineering team provides:
• Product design best practices
• On-site customer design assistance
• On-site installation efficiency
• 3-D solid modeling with associated 2-D print
• 3-D data available in many CAD formats
• Solidworks capabilities
• Reverse Engineering - For the times when you have a physical part you need, but do not have the drawings or specifications for the part. H-P has full 3-D part scanning abilities and can create a 3-D solid model along with 2-D associated print creation. 
• Concurrent engineering
• Tier 4 design best practices

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