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H-P is nationally recognized as a leader in custom pipe and tube bending technology. H-P Products has one of the largest selections of tube and pipe bending tooling in North America with over 1950 combinations of tube and pipe OD, wall thickness and bend radius. Whether you require a simple 90 degree bend or a complex aluminized carbon bent pipe to your charge air cooler H-P Products has the process and capabilities to meet your needs. If our current tooling does not meet the needs of your new application, we will invest in what is needed to make custom parts.

H-P has invested in tooling to support the current needs for tight bend capabilities of power gen engine applications requiring space saving tube solutions. H-P is one of the few tube benders in North America with 8 on 8 pipe bending capabilities

Our staff of experienced tube and pipe bending engineers works with customer 3-D CAD files to produce high quality parts. When other fabricators have to cut fit and weld parts to meet customer tight requirements H-P Products bends a continuous bent tube often with no welds required.

  • CNC Bending – ¼” to 6” OD
  • NC Bending – ¼” to 10” OD
  • 8” OD on 8” centerline
  • 6” OD on 6” centerline
  • Round, oval, square, rectangular
  • Infinite radius bending
View our bending video (right) to see the breadth of our capabilities.


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