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PrototypeSave time with H-P’s prototyping and rapid prototyping capabilities. When you want to ensure a part will work in your application and arrive on time to the Dyno lab testing choose H-P Products! You can have a prototype of your part built and pressure tested to insure it will meet your performance requirements.

New Product Development time is reduced with H-P's:

• Flexible scheduling - allowing parts to be expedited for quick delivery
• Full in-house fabricating capabilities including a complete machine shop, milling, lathe turning, laser cutting (including custom brackets & flanges), custom sheet metal fabrication, rolling, shearing and forming
• Over 1 million linear feet of material on-hand
• Custom coping of tubes for complex assemblies
• Over 1850 bend sets available to meet your design requirements
• Heat wrap capabilities
• Weld expertise
• ISO9000 quality systems and processes insure precision part dimensions the first time, every time

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